Bee, wasp and hornet control solutions will transform your yard into a no-sting zone.


If you’ve noticed the frequent presence of bees, wasps, or hornets around your home or in your garden, you’ve likely become the unwilling host to a burgeoning hive or nest. Don’t let your backyard barbecues be ruined because angry stinging insects crashed your party!

Bees, wasps, yellows jackets and hornets are a common concern for homeowners and commercial property managers alike. They invade your shed, garage, attic, deck, hollow trees, dense vegetation and swing sets. Instead of basking in the sunshine on your patio or in your garden, you and your kids are held captive inside for fear of stings.

It’s time to take back your property.

An infestation is no joke, and tackling hives is not a DIY project! These stinging insects will attack anyone disturbing their nests, leaving you vulnerable to multiple stings. Their numbers can grow into the thousands over the course of the summer season. And, if your property offers easy access to food and shelter, several nests may develop, multiplying your problem.

If you have a nest on your property — or worse, on your house! — you need a professional.

React Pest Control has been treating and removing the nests of bees, wasps, and hornets that pose a threat since 1993. We design the most effective, safe and environmentally conscious treatment plans, tailored to meet your individual needs and keep your family and property healthy.

We address the nest to put an end to your infestation.

To reduce the risk of stings to you and your family, arrange for comprehensive, professional bee and wasp control. Again, do not attempt to handle a nest yourself.

Call us today at 631.689.1421 to eliminate bee hives and wasp nests from your property. Be it nests in trees or bushes, in the ground or on your home or other structure, React Pest Control will destroy the nests and the inhabitants and return peace of mind and safety back to you.

Our nest treatment and removal services are available throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.