How Our Carpenter Ant Treatment Works

Call on the experienced professionals at React Pest Control when you have a carpenter ant infestation. These insects are much more dangerous than typical ants because they bore through wood in your home and can create structural damage. Unlike termites though, they don’t eat the wood. Instead, they hollow out the wood to create a harborage or nesting site right within walls or floors and so on. The Carpenter ants will leave behind a saw dust called frass which is a tell tale sign that you have carpenter ants and not termites.

Our treatment in most cases utilizes a carpenter ant bait that will put the ants themselves to work for us. The ants that you see are in many cases called foragers. It’s there job to look for food for the rest of the colony. The foragers find our bait application then think they have found food and bring the bait back into the walls, floors etc.. and right back to the colony.  This process is best carried out on a regular quarterly basis. This treatment eliminates the main colony as well as satellite colonies and also helps to prevent migrating ants from moving in and re establishing a whole new infestation inside your home. Have questions ? Or just want to have a conversation ? Give us a call. We’d be happy to talk to you !

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