Pantry Pest Control Guide for Long Island Homeowners

Your kitchen is probably the last place you want to see pests. Discovering beetle larvae in your morning cereal is enough to make anyone’s stomach drop!

Pantry pests, also called stored-product pests, are a group of pests that feed on stored food and include various species of moths, beetles and weevils. They hitch a ride into your home in dried foodstuffs from your grocery or supply store. These insects love flour, cereal, oatmeal, cornmeal, dry pasta, spices, dried fruit, seeds, nuts, chocolate, candy and dry dog food.

While these pests are only considered nuisances, in that they don’t sting or bite, they’re a major contamination threat. they spoil food with their fecal matter and secretions and can even carry microbes, and ingestion can make your family sick. The webbing spun by moth or beetle larvae are a tell-tale sign that you’ve got a pantry pest problem — one that you need to address immediately!

Adult moths and beetles are easy to distinguish from one another, but their larvae look similar, and differentiating between beetle species can be a challenge. Indianmeal moths and their waxworms are always the moths found in a home pantry. Common beetle species include the sawtoothed grain beetle, warehouse beetle, confused-flour beetle, cigarette beetle and drugstore beetle. Rice weevils are most common, though granary weevils and maize weevils aren’t unheard of. A pest control professional can inspect your infestation and tell you what you’re dealing with.

Clear your kitchen of pantry pests with React Pest Control.

Once a pantry pest infestation has taken hold, homeowners typically require the services of pest control professionals. The pests’ rapid development cycles and hard-to-reach harborage areas mean homeowners see little success preventing reinfestations after an initial DIY treatment, and some of the insecticides on the market can be dangerous around food sources.

React Pest Control uses an integrated pest management treatment for a thorough extermination of any pantry pest problem in your home.  Beyond supporting your efforts to clean your pantry shelves, cupboards and other infested areas, we install point source IGR stations that stop the reproductive cycle of the pantry pests.

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