Specializing in Roach Control

Roaches can be a problem in your home and a disaster if you are in the restaurant business. By evaluating your individual needs and tailoring a service that fits your circumstances we provide a substantial service that goes beyond the initial problem as well as taking steps to ensure that problems don’t return. Have you been told that fumigation is necessary to solve your roach problem? In many situations we have a treatment that can avoid this big messy treatment option.  We can do this by utilizing a bait product rather then fumigation then following up with a regular service that utilizes an IGR to break the reproductive cycle. Don’t know what an IGR is? Give us a call, we’ll be happy to discuss with you exactly how we do things and what an IGR does and why it’s so important.

We have been serving the hospitality industry since 1993.  Our family business strives to treat each customer like family by taking the time to get to know each person’s particular problems and needs. We listen to you and get to know you. AND… We return your phone calls promptly.  We service Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Give us a call and consider becoming a member of The React family.

Offering Roach Control and Prevention Solutions

Our service focuses on eradication, management, prevention, safety and your satisfaction. We bring you on board by explaining the what and why with regard to your service.

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