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Count on React Pest Control to get the pests that are bugging you out—even if they aren’t bugs at all.  In most cases React utilizes a bait product called Resolv in the majority of the cases we work on. This product attracts rodents faster than the old industry standards, which means you’ll get better rodent acceptance of the product. Better acceptance means faster control.

Safety is always, ALWAYS the number one concern. React Pest Control will always contain rodent bait in a tamper resistant housing or bait station as it is commonly referred to. Our tamper resistant stations require a special key to open. We mean it when we say that we take safety concerns to there highest level.  We usually recommend a regular service so we can replenish, monitor and maintain your bait stations for the highest degree of success and to maintain that success. If you have a rodent issue or even if you’re not sure but simply have a suspicion that you have unwelcome visitors give us a call. Don’t wait to find that someone or.. SOMETHING was in the cheese cake last night !

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