Termites ! Dealing with the Problem at the Source.

If the discovery of a termites has ruined your day, it doesn’t mean your home will be ruined as well. Take the first step and get an evaluation of the situation. In many cases what a homeowner thinks are termites turns out not to be termites at all. So get a professional to properly identify what it is you have.  As with our other pest control services, we take the time to analyze the situation so we can determine the most appropriate course of action. Even if it does turn out to be termites, RELAX ! I can promise you this. Your house will not fall down overnight or over the course of the next several nights. So you can take your time to get an opinion and decide how you would like to move forward.

In most situations we use a termite baiting system. Because termites typically source from the outdoors and get into your home through mud tubes, we install termite bait stations into the ground around your home. The termite bait station contains a monitoring capsule that draws the termites into the station which is recessed below the soil. Every three months your termite stations are serviced to see if there is any activity. If there is evidence of termites in the station or in the monitoring capsule, we replace the monitoring capsule with an active capsule that then eliminates the rest of that colony.

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